Weather Conditions

When severe weather conditions exist, please listen to the radio or television for school closings. As a general rule, we follow Spartanburg County School District Two in regards to school delays and closings. 

If Spartanburg County District Two is a ONE HOUR DELAY

Early arrival will open at 8:00 AM

The preschool will open at 9:00 AM

If Spartanburg District Two is a TWO HOUR DELAY

Early arrival will be CLOSED

The Preschool will be CLOSED (2K,3K,& 4K)

Extended Care will open at 9:00 AM

If Spartanburg District Two is CLOSED

Preschool will be CLOSED

Extended Care will be CLOSED

If Spartanburg District Two DISMISSES EARLY.

All SCDS programs will dismiss at Spartanburg District Two’s announced dismissal time for that day 

*Please check the local news out the District website for dismissal times.*

***If Spartanburg District Two is in session, please use your best judgment to determine the safety of transporting your child to school. ***

If SCDS is closed due to weather or the emergency closure of the Boiling Springs First Baptist Church building , you must be able to pick up your child within 30 minutes of receiving a phone call from the SCDS Administration.